Writers Are Clever

Writers Are Clever Writers are clever; Writers are never satisfied; Writers have power, Can tower over those who don’t know What they’re talking about. Writers have a gift, When we need a lift, Or there’s a rift, Or we needRead More →

Wind Rushes Through

Wind Rushes Through You look directly Into the lens And what passes For a nation’s soul, Between the ad breaks Attention spans online, The toll behind each scroll. Your eyes ask why The place you call home Isn’t prepared toRead More →

Who’s People?

Who’s People? Inspired by a picture of a crowded escalator People coming, People going, Each, a story, Of shame or glory? Each a face Within a race; Without a name Or claim to fame? Hiding well So you can’t tellRead More →

Where Are We?

Where Are We? What has politics evolved into now? where are those that care? Really care? not of career, but of consequence, not of loosing face. but of conscience, of compassion Do they compare with those of the past? whenRead More →

Rule Of Law

Rule of Law what you try to do is a terrible crime so your going down for a very long time Your rhythm is dodgy your stories absurd people need protecting from your rhyming word some time in the clinkRead More →


Onomatopoeia Whether you aspire to be a professional scribe, Or enjoy a poetic diatribe, If alliteration gives you giggles and goosebumps, Or onomatopoeia makes your heart go thumpety-thump, Come and give Riverside Writers a try, Horror, comedy, romance or sci-fi,Read More →

One Day

One Day One day I might write something dark, but today is not that day. Not whilst Royden is so inviting, resplendent, peaceful. Not as I witnessed the yellow of the gorse and the rape so vibrant. I thought ofRead More →

Need A Reason?

Need A Reason? To a writer: We are skilful, we are watchful, Creators of a world that has no bounds. And worlds beyond? Yes, worlds beyond our comprehension and our reason: that will not fit into a shape acceptable, norRead More →

All There Is

All There Is All there is, in broad estuary afforded to the Irish Sea fresh water flows, beyond the Dee As it runs and swirls out past Hilbre As a paradise is left behind as stillness fills in unconfined. asRead More →